Lürzer's Archive: Spot of the Week.

20.06.2018 –Die internationale Fachpublikation Lürzer’s Archive hat den neuen Film von Pro Infirmis «Alle sind gleich. Niemand ist gleicher.» zum Spot of the Week gekürt.

In der Laudatio schreibt Lürzer’s Archive: «Thjnk Zurich made a spot for Swiss disability advocacy group Pro Infirmis showing people with different disabilities dealing, just like every other human being, with the vicissitudes and indignities of everyday life. We are all equal when it comes to managing frustrating or embarrassing situations, such as splashing sauce on our blouse, watching the sole roll of toilet paper unravel away from us while in a public restroom, or having a vending machine repeatedly reject the coins we insert – in which case the length of your arms is pretty irrelevant.»

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